Sunday, June 24, 2007

Flying Car: 1959 Power Company Ad

This wonderful black and white ad appeared in Time Magazine in spring of 1959. It features a happy mother cruising home in her futuristic flying car with her young daughter, groceries and family dog in tow. The caption reads...

"Your Personal Flying Carpet." Step into it, press a button, and off you go to market, to a friend's home, or to your job. Take off and land anywhere; no parking problems. Plug in to any electric outlet for recharging. They're working on it!

Okay, so we're still a long way off from flying cars. And notice the creators didn't quite foresee child safety seat laws, either. But they did predict the inevitable shift from gasoline to electric vehicles. I'll give them one star for accuracy... five stars for the Jetson family appeal!

Boat in the Basement: 1951 Brown & Root Ad

"Ever build a boat in a basement? Experience is a great teacher!"

Here's the classic story of the lack of foresight... the man who built a boat in his basement! Who couldn't sympathize with this poor guy, being scolded by his wife and consoled by his son!
What a perfect advertisement for the Brown & Root Construction and Engineering Company in Houston, TX.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Welcome to 20th Century Art

Welcome to my vintage ads blog, your complete source for information and discussion of vintage print advertising, collectible paper and ephemera from the 1900's. Feel free to post your comments, questions, or experiences... or to browse my complete collection of vintage ads at my eBay store!
This is one of my favorite classic car ads... a 1940 La Salle. The colors are striking. And the geese flying just overhead are a great touch. They seem to be having trouble keeping up with this speeding antique automobile! This ad originally appeared in Life Magazine in November 1939.