Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cruise Ship Ads ~ Famous Lines

▫ New... Andrea Doria ~ 1952 ▫

Wonderful art deco style ad by E. Patrone, an artist commissioned to do a series of advertising posters for the Italian Line. This advertisement from a French magazine announces the inaugural voyage of the Andrea Doria in December 1952... "le plus moderne transatlantique!"

▫ American Republics Line: 1937 ▫

See the Americas First! Via American Republics Line to Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina. Fortnightly sailings from New York. Here in fresh new splendor are three luxuriously modern express liners ~ that are now blazing a new trade and vacation trail to our neighbor republics beyond the equator!"

▫ Italian Line ~ 1938 ▫

Ocean Liner and Cruise Ship advertising was quite prevalent during the first half of the 1900s, before transatlantic airline travel was accepted as commonplace. Many of these ads appealed to the most affluent traveler... promoting the finer aspects of life aboard a luxury liner. Passengers on the 'Lido Deck' of the S.S. Rex were encouraged to lounge away the miles while enjoying the 'faultless courtesy of the finely dressed Italian camerieri.' Most Lines offered direct express travel to the Continent, or more leisurely trips with stops at popular ports. The 'Southern Route' allowed comfortably warm passage as early as March.

▫ French Line ~ 1953 ▫

Travelers on the French Line were promised fabulous cuisine prepared by famous French chefs, and wine from their famous cellars. The gala events aboard these liners rivaled those in New York or Paris high society... and travel by celebrities was often well advertised to encourage bookings. This artistic French Line ad promises... "every night is as exciting and carefree as Paris herself!"

▫ Andrea Doria ~ 1953 ▫

Many collect these ads to memorialize a particular cruise ship or line on which they or their parents traveled. Not surprisingly, some of the most popular ads are for ships that met unfortunate fates, such as the famous Andrea Doria. I've located a particularly beautiful Andrea Doria ad from 1953 (right), published several years before her sinking. The ad is frequently in and out of stock in my store. Please email directly if not available.

▫ 1946 Matson Pacific Line ▫

Stunning image of 1946 Matson Liner on the Southern Pacific Route... with ports of call in Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji, New Zealand and Australia.

▫ White Star ~ S.S. Queen Elizabeth ▫

With her maiden voyage in 1940, the Queen Elizabeth, along with sister ship Queen Mary, was first drafted for wartime service as a troop transport. Post-war, she began a routine service between New York and Southampton for nearly 30 years and was for decades the largest passenger liner ever built. She could accommodate nearly 2,300 passengers and over 1,000 crew. Together with the Queen Mary, this great liner helped Cunard White Star dominate transatlantic travel into the 1960s, rivaled only by the S.S. United States.

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